How Do Lesbians Find Each Other to Make Connections

It’s great to have a group of people, that you share same interests with, as a support system. It’s not only you who can benefit from it but also the other people within your group through shared experiences and lessons. Everyone wants to have a community where they can feel included and be part of. However, it can be pretty hard for lesbians to find each other. Don’t lose hope though, because it can be done. You can meet other lesbians locally and within your community. You can also find them all over the world through the internet. While there are some risks that you should consider, getting to know other lesbians, online or offline, is possible.

How do lesbians find each other locally?

You can meet up with other lesbians locally through different LGBT community centers and events. You can use websites like to find information about LGBT friendly events. If you’re still not out as a lesbian in your area then you can visit a nearby town where you are less likely to be recognized.

You can also talk to other lesbians you already know. They can help you find more lesbian-friendly hang out places and also introduce you to more members of the LGBT community living in your area.

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Socializing with all kinds of people is always a good thing because it gives you a better chance of finding lesbians that may catch your interest. You can join a club, a sports team, a community center or attend classes to make your circle of friends grow.

Being involved in the community you are a part of is one the best ways to find fellow lesbians. This can be done by volunteering for charity events or activist meetings. Not only are you working for something that values your views and helping people like yourself but you can also meet other LGBT people that work for the organizations.

How do lesbians find each other at school?

School is one of the most common places for young lesbians to meet each other. However for some students, it can be hard because you can rarely find openly lesbian students in schools. One option to find out is to start or get involved in an LGBT student alliance. This is where you can find support and connect with other students who share the same interests.

For lesbians who are planning to go to college, you can look up LGBT friendly colleges using Campus Pride. It ranks colleges based on their friendliness towards the LGBT community.

How do lesbians find each other online?

For a lot of young lesbians, the internet serves as one of the most comfortable spaces where they can freely express and explore their identity. This is also where they can find other teens they can openly talk to.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to find other lesbians is through the different social media platforms. Facebook is one the biggest online communities right now and with their filtered search, you can find lesbians, within your area, who you share the same interests with. You can also join several facebook groups dedicated to lesbians. You can find both public and private groups where you can connect and share stories and experiences. Tumblr is another online group to be part of. There are blogs devoted to finding lesbians that can help you meet people with common interests. Twitter can also be a good community to meet lesbians of all ages. You can quickly search through tags you’re interested in and follow users you want to talk to.

For lesbians who are looking for relationships, you can try joining online dating websites that are geared towards lesbians. Her is an online dating site exclusively for lesbian, pansexual, bisexual and queer women. It is easy to make an account and you can control what to write in your personal information.

The Trevor Project is widely known for their efforts towards LGBT suicide prevention. They have a social networking site aimed exclusively for young members of the LGBT community between ages 13 to 24. Everyone who signs up needs to be approved by a trained moderator. The site is always monitored by a trevor staff to ensure that all users follow community guidelines. This is a good space for lesbians to share discussions and grow social networks.

The internet is not the safest place to find other lesbians especially for young people. You must always be careful and know where the safe places are but with these in mind, you can build a vibrant group of people that offer support, understanding and love.

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