Do Girls Like Rugby Players?

Girls tend to like athletes from different field of sports due to their muscularity, pleasing attitude, and intense sex appeal. But, do these women have the same admiration for rugby players?

As per a survey conducted by Lovehoney, a sex toy retailer, women preferred rugby players more than football players. For these women, rugby stars are “scrummier” than football players when it comes to sex. The result of the survey also showed that rugby stars are more handsome compared to football players.

Girls feel very comfortable in the huge and muscular arms of rugby players. They tend to feel secure and protected whenever they are with rugby players. Rugby stars are extremely hot, says one. They are so manly when falling over and throwing themselves at each other onto the solid ground.

Rugby players have stamina. As they say, they can do it in 80 minutes straight in 15 different positions. They could guarantee you a good night, and good sex. They possibly will last in bed because of their endurance and stamina.

A de-stressing and life coach, Dr. Mariette Jansen, cited three reasons why women love rugby players. These include:


  • Physical Reproduction – Strong and fit men are excellent material for reproduction. Rugby players are the ideal candidate to produce strong and healthy offspring.


  • Caring Attitude – Rugby is a technical sport aimed at group performance. When a player is on the ground with the ball, his teammates immediately hang around him to protect him from the enemy.


  • Discipline – Most of rugby players are decent, disciplined, and serious grown-up men. They are solid and reliable.

Rugby players are not just strong physically. Their intelligence makes them hotter than any other field sport. There are more rules in rugby so it takes a lot of brain power to overthrow the enemy. Knowing when to kick or run, pass or dummy, scrum or penalty require sharp minds and critical thinking.

Girls like confident men. Rugby players boast their manly coolness that they play the game. They do not take crap from anyone, on or off the field. They have self-assurance that no one can take them down. Girls will not have second thoughts of dating confident, proud men.

Rugby players do not take themselves too seriously, except of course during the game. They know how to make every situation fun and playful. They are easily entertained. Just having a good chat and laughs over a simple meal or a movie on the sofa could entertain them.

They do not freak out over something that seems “gay.” Rugby players are so comfortable with their teammates that you can see them being so flirtatious and touchy with one another. They do not body shame. They come in all shapes and sizes but you will never hear them talking unpleasant things over another’s physique.

They know how to party. As they cannot drink and party before games, they will definitely have one after they get off the field. Rugby parties consist of dancing, drinking, and of course, celebrating by singing. You can expect every player to be belting his heart out with his teammates.

A rugby player is ready and willing to get dirty. The sport requires tackling, grappling, and rolling around in the mud. He knows that the dirtier he gets, the better game he plays. This means that he is willing to get his hands dirty to ensure that a relationship works. Be it getting dirty to fix the pipes, do gardening, or to help you put shelves together, he will do everything that will make you happy.

Most rugby players just brush off the injury and act like they’re not in pain or that everything is normal. They want everyone to feel that they are fine. This is not a show of manliness but rather a show of courage in a way that they do not want to let their friends and loved ones worry about them.

They encourage and support you. Rugby players constantly support their teammates on the field. It is then only expected that this support goes on to their personal lives. Do not worry that they will let you down. If you mean everything to them, you can expect that they will support and encourage you all the way.

Ultimately, rugby players may seem as the rough bad ass type of men. Men that you would not mess with and men you would be afraid to be with. On the contrary, these men are kind-hearted. More than their physical attributes, girls like their attitude.

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